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My story

First time I stepped on skis was when I was 4 years old but in biathlon I started to train when I was 10 years old! My dad used to train in biathlon when he was young, so one day he got call from his first coach who was making new biathlon group for kids, so me and my brother started to attend trainings. And I surely fell in love with this sport!

When I was young I also did orienteering sport and became Latvian champion in my age group for some times, but after some time I felt that this sport is not for me, but it gave me some good base of trainings as kid! Except biathlon I also tried to race all local running and skiing competitions, and even played floorball for 2 years, so I had quite active childhood till the time I needed to give all my time just for biathlon. 


I've always loved to watch the biathlon when I was young and dreamed to go for the Olympic Games one day. In the trainings I always worked hard and took step by step, slowly achieving bigger and smaller goals, but still feeling that I need to improve and that I can be better, so that's what keeps me going.  


My first big international experience was in 2009 European Youth Olympic Festival in Poland, where I finished 31st in sprint and 10th in mixed relay. My first special moment in biathlon was in summer 2010, when I won IBU cross biathlon overall for junior girls - so I got the same looking crystal globe as a World Cup winner, that was special for me as a young biathlete who's dreaming about this major level.

The competition that will forever stay a big memory for me is my first World cup flower ceremony in Canmore where I finished 5th in sprint. That was an incredible day, it was also the first ever time I finished in World Cup points. I felt like I was in different world that day!

In biathlon it's never easy, most of the year I'm travelling around the world, being away from home and my loved ones. But my family and friends are used to it! Mostly I have 6 days of training and one rest day, in those days I'm committed to roller skiing, running, cycling, shooting and strength trainings for more than 20 hours per week, sometimes hitting  extra hard weeks with more than 30 hours. 

My goal for season 2020/2021 is to get first ever podium in World Cup or World Championships in Latvian Women Biathlon History and also fight for podium in the next Olympic Games during 2022!

..or as I love to say,

Eager to reach those mountain peaks! 


 Name: Baiba Bendika

Date of Birth: 27.06.1991 

Hometown: Rozula, Pārgaujas novads

Hometrack: Priekuļi

Height: 156cm

Education: Vidzeme University of applied sciences, Tourism Organization and Management bachelor

Hobbies: Culinary & Video Editing

Biathlon Entrance: 2001

World cup debut: 2011

First Coach: Juris Stīpnieks

Personal Coach: Ilmārs Bricis